The Greatest Showbooth Privacy Policy & GDPR


Rev: 01 May 2018


Unless you’ve been sunning yourself on Venus for a few months, you may not have heard that May 2018 heralded the arrival of the new E.U. wide General Data Protection Regulations, known by the acronym GDPR, it is undoubtedly a potential minefield for many businesses large and small. With the devil being in the detail and, in this case the title (‘General’), it’s not too difficult to imagine it's mere utterance inducing a few sleepless nights and hand wringing, particularly in the photography services sector. Although inconveniently short on proportionality, GDPR does contain plenty of scope for misinterpretation almost to the point of paralysis unless a common sense approach is adopted!

Well, after taking a long hard look at the requirements we have taken our first stab at putting into place a pragmatic and common sense approach and one that we feel is responsible whilst striking a sensible balance given the nature and size of business in question. 

As a customer, should however you feel it is delinquent in any way please feel free to contact us. After all we’re all new to it.

Privacy and GDPR Policy for The Greatest Showbooth.


We do not embark on direct, hard or electronic mail campaigns and will never contact you in an unsolicited manner with promotional offers or advertisements etc. 

No dedicated marketing database is kept or maintained by ourselves and therefore there is nothing to ‘opt-in’ or ‘opt-out’ of in this respect. 

We will ask for your expressed consent to use photographs from your event for promotional purposes such as, Social Media, Website, Brochures, Flyers, Advertisements and Banners. This will be an appropriate ‘opt-in’ tick box on your Booking Form. 

Your consent, if granted, will account for others being photographed and published if at a group event. It is naturally your responsibility to communicate with family, friends and guests that a photographer will be present and publicly taking photographs and any objections should be notified.

Under no circumstances will we share or sell your data to a third party, company or organisation. Furthermore we will only pass on an enquiry containing your personal information with your expressed prior consent.


We will only send marketing communications to individuals who have agreed to receive communications. This naturally includes individuals who have expressed an interest or made an enquiry or placed an order for our products and services. This is mandated within the regulation framework as ‘legitimate business interest’.

If you have a preferred method or methods of contact, these will be noted and adhered to.

We will only ask you for information relevant to successfully satisfying the service or product that you have enquired about or we are under contract to supply.


We will keep records of consent given for the use of data for promotional purpose. 

We will delete or destroy data belonging to individuals with no contact from three years.

Accountancy related data such as invoices and payments etc. will be retained for a period of seven years as this is a requirement of HMRC.

Should you wish for your data to be deleted or destroyed prior to our three year policy, excluding accountancy and consent data, we will be happy to do so. We will provide a confirmation that this has been done.

We are a small, family home-based business. All hard copy data is safely stored in a dedicated filing cabinet. Electronic data resides on a single, password protected Apple Mac computer, which is backed up to a portable  hard disk drive from time to time. The back-up hard disk drive is also safely stored. 

Bob and Kate Amos


The Greatest Showbooth