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For the purpose of this set of terms and conditions ‘you’ refers to the hirer.

Booking Fee & Payment


Booking Fee & Payment

To book our Magic Mirror Photo Booth Entertainment, a non-refundable booking fee of £100 will be required to secure your date. We’re happy to reserve your date upon verbal or written confirmation but kindly request that your booking fee is received within 14 days of your confirmation to secure your date. We reserve the right to release your reserved date in the event of the booking fee not being received within the aforementioned 14 days.  A booking fee payment can be made by bank transfer (BACS), cheque, cash or PayPal. Balance payments must be settled at least 28 days prior to your event (for bookings where the event is in less than 28 days, payment is required in full). Our appropriate Booking Form must be completed, signed and returned no later than the due date of the final balance payment.

Use of Your Data  (GDPR) - Please also refer to our separate Privacy/GDPR Policy

We will ask for your expressed consent to use photographs from your event for promotional purposes such as, Social Media, Website, Brochures, Flyers, Advertisements and Banners. This will be an appropriate ‘opt-in’ tick box on your Booking Form. 

Your consent, if granted, will account for others being photographed and published if at a group event. It is naturally your responsibility to communicate with family, friends and guests that a photographer will be present and publicly taking photographs and any objections should be notified.


If you need to cancel your booking, please let us know at the earliest juncture via telephone or email. If via telephone, we will still require confirmation in writing or email before any refund can be paid. Cancellations made more than 6 weeks before the date of your event will qualify for a full refund of all monies paid for your booking excluding the booking fee and any costs associated with the design and supply of personalised items such as, but not limited to; Table Selfie sashes and Green Screen backgrounds. These will be detailed in your booking confirmation. Cancellations made within 4 to 6 weeks before the date of your event will qualify for a fifty per cent refund of all monies paid excluding the booking fee and any costs associated with the design and supply of personalised items such as, but not limited to; Table Selfie sashes and Green Screen backgrounds.  We regret that no refund will be paid for cancellations made within 4 weeks before the date of your event. This refund scale has been put in place to offset the decreased likelihood that we have to secure another booking for the date we reserved for your event.


Please ensure that The Greatest Showbooth is given the correct venue address, postcode and contact details as we cannot be held responsible for delays due to incorrect information. 

The Greatest Showbooth is covered by Public Liabilty insurance. A copy of our current certificate can be downloaded from our website. We accept no responsibility of any kind for the damage of property, loss of property, personal injury or death unless it is proven that The Greatest Showbooth acted negligently.

The hire period will be for the ‘run’ period as specified in the confirmation of booking or booking form and as agreed by both parties before the event. The run period excludes set up and packing up time. Unless previously agreed otherwise by both parties, we will arrive up to 2 hours in advance of your start time to commence setup and will remain for approximately 1 hour after the agreed finished time for dismantling and packing away. Use (run time) will commence and finish at the agreed times, unless due to technical difficulties on our behalf. Should this occur, the appropriate time will be added to the end of the agreed finished time. The Greatest Showbooth cannot accept any responsibility for any circumstances that may prevent us from attending your event; these may include but are not limited to, failure of equipment, severe weather conditions, traffic delays, vehicle breakdown, or sickness. In a situation that we cannot attend or carry out your hire due to an event beyond our control, we undertake to contact you or the venue as soon as practically possible. In such cases, the maximum extent of our liability will be limited to the refunding all of monies paid. The Greatest Showbooth reserves the right to terminate the hire of the equipment if at any point during the setup or run period we feel that one of the following may apply:

There is a risk to property belonging to The Greatest Showbooth being damaged due to unruly behaviour or an unsafe environment. Abusive behaviour or threats are made towards our attendants or hosts.

In certain circumstances we may reserve the right to refuse individual guests from using any property belonging to The Greatest Showbooth if we feel there is a risk of the aforementioned occurring.

Wherever possible we will always endeavour to resolve any such issues with you prior to terminating the hire. You will be liable for any damages caused to the property of The Greatest Showbooth by either you or your guests. The Greatest Showbooth also reserves the right to hold you liable for the full cost of any future bookings that have had to be cancelled whilst returning the equipment to a full working and presentable order.


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