Hosted vintage dansette record player music hire or purchase

Totally New & Unique Especially For Vintage Themed Weddings

Dance around a Vintage Dansette to your favourite vinyl...

In association with our sister company, Tutti Audio, we are proud to present lovingly and professionally restored vintage Dansette record players for hire or outright purchase.

Uber-cool and highly desirable, no self-respecting mid-century household could have imagined being without a Dansette record player. Listening to music on this portable, suitcase sized icon whenever and wherever it took your fancy, quickly became a way of life in the 50’s and 60’s, particularly for teenagers, no doubt buoyed by the emergence of Rock and Roll and the Beatles. 

Today we are witnessing an unprecedented resurgence in the popularity of vinyl, mid-century furnishings and with it the desire to own a working vintage Dansette, especially one with a nice pair of ‘Sputnik’ legs! Make no mistake these pop icons are once again in great demand with not too dissimilar prices being paid in real terms to what they cost 50 to 60 years ago. For example, 25 Gns (Guineas) in 1955 is equivalent to circa £650 today.

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Yes, thanks to The Greatest Show Booth and Tutti Audio, we can offer a totally new and unique, versatile package to entertain your guests in  true vintage style.  We always have a wonderful selection of beautifully restored, iconic Dansette record players that will mesmerise and entertain with unsurpassed nostalgic memories.

Options include:

  • Fully hosted hire
  • Outright purchase
  • Discreet amplification
  • Silent Disco headphones 
  • Themed back drops
  • Lighting
  • Personalised turntable mat
  • Supplied or BYO vinyl

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A few stunningly beautiful vintage dansette record players




About Tutti Audio

The Greatest Showbooth's Bob Amos is also founder and owner of Tutti Audio. Tutti Audio specialise in the refurbishment of Vintage record players and HiFi equipment in addition  to the design and manufacture of related audio equipment including the groundbreaking Contemporary Audiophile Stereogram.

A Bit About Bob

Qualified electronics engineer, designer, outright perfectionist , frustrated pianist and music nut. Not to mention his many years spent as a presenter and DJ goes some way in summing up the recently described 'enigmatic' character behind The Greatest  Showbooth and Tutti Audio.